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Let with us today


Neill Estate Agents tick all the boxes for your Rental and offer a number of tailored solutions to meet every landlords needs:


  • Letting & Fully Managed; Letting & Rent Collection; and Letting Only Services available with fees starting from £195 +VAT. No Let = No FEE


  • Highly Experienced Team, Comprehensive Condition Reports & Robust leases which have been fine-tuned from over 100 years trading.


  • Professional and Excellent level of Service and unrivalled marketing exposure through our office on Main Street in Bangor, Online and On Mobile too giving you the compete 24/7 digital solution every day of the year.


  • We use Property News & Property Pal websites and our office has North Downs first interactive touch screen window display to showcase our properties.


  • Our Highly Competitive prices rival both our town center and online competitors. We are often as Cheap or Even Better than many of the fixed fee or online agents but we can offer our clients a whole lot more from our Lettings packages, customer service & experience.


  • We have the highest level of Professional Regulation by the RICS and NEA which means your money and property are safe with us.


  • We have 12 staff in our office who will all be working hard on your behalf and our Dedicated Rentals Team is on hand to take the stress out of your letting.